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Booking tours and cruises can be done directly at our Ambatoloak office in the Loock Ness restaurant on Nosy Be. For weekly catamaran or boat trips, please make a reservation at least a week in advance.

From 6 June 2019r. We opened another point of sale at the Madirokely 200m beach from the Royal Beach Hotel, on the beach at the Orangea Hotel and on the road close to Andilana Beach. Below maps as we hit us. For the present day, for formal reasons, we do not have a selling point on the beach at hotel Orangea. It’s best to contact us through Facebooka or Messenger or Whatsapp. Some of our employees will always come to your hotel. Greetings!


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Nosy Be Club Andrzej Malek

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If you have any questions, please email us or call. When you are on site at the hotel on Nosy Be, you can make phone reservations.

Madagascar – Andrzej : +261 320 524 403 / Messenger/ WhatsApp

Poland – Michał: +48 506-456-506 / Messenger / WhatsApp


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Point of sale in Ambatoloaka – LoockNess restaurant: