Catamaran Cruises, optional tours

Nosy Be Club Special Package

Nosy Iranja + Three islands + 4×4 Safari Big Island

4 excursions to get to know the true beauty of Madagascar!

Catamaran cruises around Madagascar

We organize catamaran cruises one-day, weekly and longer!

Boat trips by speedboat

We organise day trips by speedboat to the nearby islands of Nosy Be.

SAFARI 4x4 on a large island - 2 days

Meet the people and culture of Magadaskar and the famous rock formations of Tsingy Rouges and see the vanilla plantations.


We are the first Polish tourist office in Madagascar. Nosy Be Club organizes tours, sightseeing and catamaran cruises around the island of Nosy Be, nosy Komba, nosy Iranja, nosy tanikely and other nearby archipelags. As a travel agency we also offer tours in other parts of Madagascar. Nosy Be Club is the first company legally founded by pole in Madagascar. Our company and all our customers are insured NNW.

Catamaran Cruises Madagascar

Speedboat Excursions on Nosy Be.

Explore the island of Nosy Be on Quach/ATV with a guide.

A 4×4 terrain car Safari to a large island.